The town of Písek

Písek is an ancient historical centre of Prácheň region. In the first half of the 13th century, a royal town dominated by a castle was founded on the Otava River. The town rose in size and significance with the rapidly growing gold mining and business activities, and it enjoyed the patronage of the Czech rulers Otakar II, and Charles IV, who often stayed there.
In the 15th century, Písek was an important Hussite town. The beginning of the Thirty Years´ War was a disaster for this town. It was captured three times, the last time on 30th September 1620, when it was completely destroyed by the Swedish soldiers. However, since the 19th century the appearance of the town has been gradually changing and a number of major cultural institutions and associations have emerged.
Nowadays 30,000 inhabitants live there and the city draws on the riches of its cultural traditions. Písek has always been a popular place of poets, composers, filmmakers, and visual artists. Písek, a town in the woods, is also often called the "Florence of the Southern Bohemia" and "Pearl of the Otava River." That is why so many classic works of the Czech cinematography were created or filmed here. At random, let’s recall for example Krška’s Fiery Summer or his variations on Šrámek, Silver Wind and Moon over the River. However, the city thrives on the trendiness of the film schools whose students are affected by the strong cultural traditions they face at every corner in Písek. You can honour the legacy of one of the most important Czech violin teachers at the Tomb of Otakar Ševčík at the cemetery at St. Trinity. You can visit theatres, music clubs and concert halls, Prácheňské Museum and other irresistible sights and see for yourself. Písek is an eternal film heaven full of stars.

Welcome to Písek, the city of film!